S. Bakirtzis

I felt compelled to write these few words, after the great success that I experienced with the staging of my property. Complete stranger to the staging concept, I was initially reluctant to spend money for staging. The comments at your website were all encouraging, but nevertheless I could not be oblivious of their marketing nature. The real estate market is currently experiencing a heavy recessionary period. Buyers are conservative and sellers, like me, are desperate. This desperation drove me to acquire your services. I sold my townhouse 9 days after I put it on the market. The average duration in market for a similar property within my area was 289 days. The buyer’s realtor indicated to me that her customers envisioned and realized the full potential of the property as they saw it furnished. They also bought the furniture. My sale price was really close to my asking price. With great relief and amazement of your abilities, I have no problem recommending your services to anyone interested. Finally, a word of advice to your potential customers. I was originally hesitant in staging my property. You will realize though its value after Mrs. Holmes does her “magic” and after your property is sold.